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Denmark vs Moldova Europe World Cup

Denmark vs Moldova Europe World Cup

Today the game we will be talking about is Denmark vs Moldova in the Europe World Cup. Now the results of this game are mindblowing. You may be thinking this was a pretty equal game but no! BUT WAIT BEFORE I CONTINUE COMMENT Y9UR PREDICTION OF THE GAME IN THE COMMENTS! Starting off strong in the 19th minute of the game, Denmark gets a penalty and take the lead 1-0. Then just 3 minutes later Denmark score another goal on Moldova. Then again 7 minutes later in the 29th minute, Denmark scores another goal. 6 minutes later, you guessed it Denmark scores another goal. If you are losing track of the score it is 4-0 for Denmark, in the 35th minute. 4 minutes later in the 39th minute of the game, Denmark comes in with another goal! At this point, it is too easy for Denmark. The score is now 5-0 for Denmark and it is half time. 3 minutes after halftime ends in the 48th minute Denmark scores another goal. The score is now a whopping 6-0 for Denmark. Then some time passes and in the 81st minute Denmark with another goal… The score is now 7-0 and almost the end of the game. Just when you taught it was over 1 minute before the game ends in the 89th minute Denmark finishes off the game with 8 goals. The final score is 8-0 for Denmark. This is 100% Denmarks best game of the season. It is also the most goals scored in the Europe World Cup for this season.

Now I will quickly show you the statistics of the game.

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