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Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Lately, the Los Angeles Lakers have been on a losing streak without their star players. LeBron James is out due to an ankle injury and Anthony Davis is out because he tore his ACL. Marc Gasol had been back from Covid restrictions. In this game, Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell played the best. Let's get into the game. The Lakers knew they were doing bad and became the third team in the west. When they started the first quarter, they did well and the final score for the first quarter as Los Angeles Lakers 22 - 24 Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers knew they were doing well and just had to get more points. In the second quarter, they played like the first quarter and the final score was Los Angeles Lakers 44 - 51 Cleveland Cavaliers. In the third quarter, the Cavaliers did horribly and only scored 10 points. The score for the third quarter as Los Angeles Lakers 72 - 61 Cleveland Cavaliers. By this time, Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell were playing very well. When the Lakers started the fourth quarter, they were very confident in winning. They are also known for playing their best in the fourth quarter so they had a very high chance of winning the game. When the fourth quarter started, the Lakers played very well and didn't let the Cavaliers score many points. They played their best quarter in the game and the final score of the game was Los Angeles Lakers 100 - 86 Cleveland Cavaliers. Montrezl Harrel scored 24 points and Dennis Schroder had scored 17 points being the best two players of the game for the Lakers.

Here are the statistics of the game:

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