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Wolves vs West Ham Premier League

Wolves vs West Ham

Today I will be covering something new, the Premier League. Wolves vs West Ham. First I will quickly go through the Match Summary. BUT WAIT BEFORE YOU CONTINUE PUT YOUR PREDICTION FOR THE GAME IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW! West Ham starting off strong by leading 1-0 in the 6th minute of the game. One of West Ham’s best player in my opinion Lingard scores it. Then just 8 minutes later in the 14th minute of the game Fornals scores another goal for West ham. West Ham is really getting a lot of goals at the beginning of the game. Hopefully, they can keep it up so they can take home the win. Then again in the 38th minute, a couple of minutes before half -time Bowen scores another goal, Lingard assisting him. The score is now 3-0 for West Ham, almost at the end of the first half. Right as people taught the first half was over surprisingly the Wolves score a goal in the 44th minute, one minute before halftime. The score is 3-1 as half-time hits. Jumping into the second-half strong Silva scores for the Wolves in the 68th minute. And that is the ending score, 3-2 for West Ham. I would say that the Wolves put up a very good game. Now I will show you the statistics of the game.

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